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Legal Resilience, Commercial Sustainability

We are a team of business strategists, solicitors, counsellors and management consultants, who cover the whole spectrum of business and legal issues and offer integrated, outcome driven, collaborative solutions.

Purpose + Profit = Potential

We advocate the idea of “doing well by doing good” and expect this from ourselves and our clients. We work with local businesses and multinationals with the same commitment, that to support them in pursuing social and financial goals with equal dedication.

Local Knowledge, Global Outreach

We can review your contracts, and business practices as you approach them, or confront and address any difficulties conflicts you may have, in English, French or Spanish. Most of our team is multilingual and multinational and we have partners worldwide.

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What we do

Our services are designed to support businesses of all sizes. Put simply, we can help with the legal and commercial implications of most of the dealings you have with others.

Start Ups and Investments

Contracts, Creative drafting and Reviews

Crisis Consultations

Multilingual services and training

New Ventures & Investments

Starting a new business, small or global, should be exciting - and it is tempting to leave out the tedious bits... like tightening your partnership deed, checking every clause of a 165 page distribution agreement, making sure your new suppliers’ exclusivity is indeed spelt out in their T&Cs, or that your online GDPR policy will not land you in trouble. You can concentrate on what you’re good at, your genius business idea or your new shiny products and we can do as little or as much as you want us to: from drafting your business plan, to setting you up as a company or a partnership, to drafting a suite of contractual documents adapted to your sector.

Contracts & Money

Your business is in full swing - or getting there - and you are talking to suppliers, potential business partners, contractors, investors. Many of them will have their set way of doing business and a contract template that they want you to agree. They may even have their own lawyer or legal department. Let us help, in the UK our abroad - we have the experience to discern between what could come back to haunt you and what is not worth the haggle. In other words, we choose your battles.This will obviously not guarantee that no crisis will ever occur, but it will improve your resilience if it does and make for a more sustainable, safe business life. And if you are owed money or being chased for money you don’t owe, we can deal with it with efficiency, empathy and a spirit of cooperation, which always yield more sustainable outcomes.

Crisis Prevention & Management

Think of us as your business GP. When you come and see us, we will assess the symptoms and may simply advise you to make a few lifestyle changes that will improve the health of your business. We may even find that what you need is not of a legal nature and we will support you accordingly, whether you need strategic, business or even personal support. Or we may prescribe something more tangible, short term, to alleviate the symptoms, or longer-term to treat the problem. And in some cases, we will discuss referring you to a specialist, but we will still be there in the background if you need us.

We offer a 30 minute consultation, free of charge

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