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5 Art Gift Ideas for Christmas


Christmas is one of those seasons that really splits the population; some can’t wait to add to their collection of novelty jumpers, others feel vaguely nauseous at the first sound of a perky jingle.

Whichever camp you’re in, buying gifts is practically unavoidable, and yet it can be difficult to find the right present. Keen to buy local, with a gift that doesn’t end up in the bin?

This month’s guest blogger, Holly Gosden Bird, young emerging artist and new member of the Bailey Contemporary team has the answer: BUY ART!


And if you’re thinking “yes but” – but how do I know what they like, but it’s too expensive, but it’s too personal – quieten down your inner objectionist and read on…


1- Cast Iron Sculptures

Coming first on our list is our timeless cast iron sculptures. These objets d’art come in a wide variety of figurative poses from readers, to golfers, to dancers and loved up couples.










Not only are these sculptures pleasingly affordable, but their classic design lends them to just about any style of home decor, whether they are used to make a bold statement on your mantelpiece or as a quaint space filler on your bookcase.



So pick your gift recipient, match their personality to one of these figures and hurrah- that’s one person to tick off your list! Though with all these different hobbies represented, maybe you could tick off two or three…





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2- Art Workshop Voucher

Now what do you get the person who has everything? Get them a voucher for one of our art workshops and give them the gift of new found talent- now if that’s not the height of sustainable goodness, what is?!


Enable one of your loved ones to discover their own abstract painting style with Bailey Contemporary’s own exclusive artist Peter Spence and see them unleash their inner creative.

At the end of the session, each participant is guaranteed to be taking home their own unique artwork to hang with pride.


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3- Beach Huts Print

Beach Huts in the Rain - Aqua


If your recipient is more the type of person who likes their art ready made, this one’s for you.

Here at Bailey Contemporary Arts we have a delightfully eclectic range of paintings and prints and yes, we agree, it is tricky to choose for someone else but here’s our little tip for you: beach huts.

Regardless of age or origin, we all see those quaint rainbow painted huts as a symbol of joy in one of its simplest forms, nobody can deny that little smile that grows on their face each time they see these seaside treasures.

Hove Beach Huts - Aqua Sky


We think everybody needs a beach hut in their home to remind them that no matter what life throws at us, we stand resilient, strong and proud, just like those bright beach huts on our often grey seaside.

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4- Pyro-Engraved Homeware


Next is something for those who prefer to give practical gifts; ones that don’t require batteries, aren’t easily broken and won’t be received with an awkward grimace only to end up at the back of the cupboard; our collection of pyro-engraved wooden homewares.

Pyro-engraving is an ancient craft and artist Frederique has perfected her own technique with a contemporary flair. Between the chopping boards, the coasters and the trinket dishes, there’s plenty to choose from.  

Whether it’s a first Christmas in a new home, an avid chef or a house proud host, these unique and practical gifts will definitely please.

Get in touch to order yours here

5- Christmas Heirloom Decorations

Now the final item on our Christmas shopping list is a gift that keeps on giving; heirloom decorations that can be enjoyed year after year!

This season we have a charming collection of Scandinavian design standing and hanging decorations that will compliment any Christmas aesthetic.

Whether you favour the glittery ornaments that twinkle upon your tree or the traditional Scandinavian Nisse dolls to bring you good fortune in the new year, we have a collection with so much character and variety that you’ll want to buy a few for your own home too!


And in case you weren’t already sold on this idea, these decorations come boxed and ready to put under the tree!


All of these items can be shopped online or in the gallery along with many more treasures not featured on our fabulous (and not at all biased) gift guide. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!


Holly x