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Art Classes

Art Classes

Nature v Nurture?

Anyone can paint! And this is what Gallery exclusive artist Peter Spence, established Brighton artist and retired teacher, whose work can be seen here, has set out to prove. As a result, he would argue that the ability to draw and paint is nurture; it can certainly be learnt.

So…which name springs to mind when talking about successful artists? Maybe Picasso? There is no doubt that Picasso may have had some innate talent, but by the age of 7, he was having daily drawing tutorials and as an adult, produced up to 300 pieces a year. So if nature there was, a large amount of nurture and practice were certainly at work too!

Tailored Lessons

Peter offers lessons tailored specifically to you. Perhaps you know a friend who loved to paint but has lost some confidence? Or you’re a complete beginner who feels that they don’t have a creative bone in their body? Or you are an art or graphics professional and you are looking for new inspiration?

The perfect gift or treat

Do it now, treat yourself (or a friend) to the gift of painting. Vouchers are available to buy below, for one two or three people and you can contact us to book at time that is suitable for you.

Explore your own abstract painting style

Discover the style, medium and instrument that feels right to you and in a three hour art class, we guarantee that you will go home with your very own finished piece of art! No previous experience necessary, suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner to professional artist!

We had 2 workshops with Peter because we wanted to produce a special painting as a wedding present to each other. We came with a list of all the things and places that are important to us and absolutely no experience or talent. Our painting is beautiful and we still can’t quite believe we did it!

Graham & Katie


I was in Brighton for a few days because of my husband’s work and I was looking for something to keep me busy. I enjoy crafts and I am quite creative but had never painted. My day workshop with Peter Spence was so amazing that I have come back to Brighton twice on my own, just to paint! Peter made it seem so easy and I now have a new found hobby!



I can’t believe I did this! I now have my very own abstract painting taking pride of place in my kitchen! Peter is some teacher…