From 23rd February - New work by Frederique Katan

``Glimpse in the Depths of Dreams``

I am often asked if I always paint the sea… but these new pieces emerged from the furthest recess of my mind and are all sketched at dawn from the remnants of dreams – from that vague but persistent feeling you are left with when you wake up knowing you had a dream, but the narrative has faded away.

New Kids in Town: Those Familiar Creatures, by Bethan Gorvett

Young Artist Bethan Gorvett explores and portrays the human form as it comes through her mind... The resulting creatures are unexpected, sometimes a little disturbing, but never mundane and somehow look a little familiar!

The first of a regular series of exhibitions where we give the floor to very young artists, who have never shown work before. A chance to discover and enjoy amazing talent before anyone else!

Trade secrets of drawing in 3D

Workshop by Richard Marsh

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Art Classes

Whether you are a beginner who has never held a paintbrush or a professional artist who needs new inspiration, or somewhere in between, we can offer you the perfect environment to explore your skills.