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Leaning is the new hanging…

…or what to do when you’ve got too much art and getting the drill out is not your idea of fun…

I am loving this new interior design trend of purposefully stacking and leaning art around a room, against walls –  but also sofas, pianos, kitchen shelves, etc.

It is obviously perfect for someone like me who not only owns many pieces of art, but is also constantly acquiring new art and finding it impossible to make a choice. And of course the cobbler’s kids rule applies… when much of your day job involves hanging paintings, getting drills and spirit levels out at home becomes a rare and unwelcome occurrence.

Leaning is not for everyone, admittedly – and even I am not that keen on my own house looking like an art gallery. But with a modicum of thought, art can happily live off the walls.

My first experiment was in the kitchen, when we moved house and I realised to my horror, that there was no wall in there that could accommodate a decent sized piece. So I plonked a large print on a shelf in the middle of pots and mugs, and there it stayed – and worked!

Then, when I could not decide which of Kirsty Craghill’s oversized animal would work best over the dining table, the bull got the wall and the seagull got the back of the sofa.

I have found that there are ways of making even a stack of paintings on the floor look purposeful. A couple of other objects or plants make it look like they are there for a reason and avoids the gallery effect.

Having said that, in the right decor, a slightly erratic, studio floor look can also work well if it feels comfortable and suits who you are.

So before you get the tool box out – or nag someone to do it – look around and see if there might be an obvious spot to lean some of your favourite artwork. This also means you can keep adding to your art collection effortlessly and without overcrowding your walls.

This is one of the many things we can talk about during a free, no obligation art consultation, in your home or at our Brighton & Hove gallery.


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