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Let’s not talk about politics… but I’m still going to mention Brexit AND explain why we’re off to Buenos Aires!

At this point in UK political history, whether you are a leaver or a remainer, is irrelevant.

Let’s just talk hard facts:

– Brexit is happening.

– Some 90% of world growth over the next decade will be outside the EU, mostly in South Asia, Africa and South America.

– The majority of UK exports — over £300b worth — now go to non-EU countries.

– After Brexit, getting a trade deal with those countries will no longer mean getting all EU member states to agree.

– The LATAC region (Latin America and Caribbean) has a population larger than the combined population of the European Union and if it was a single country it would be the 3rd largest economy in the world.

– Argentina is the second largest country in South America, the third largest in Latin America and has over 200 years of commercial history with the UK…

… so where am I going with this – literally and figuratively?

Argentina has, admittedly, gone through a lot in the last 15 years, including 10 years of protectionism followed by a promise of economic growth that ended in yet another recession in 2018 – from which they are already bouncing back.

And this is perhaps the core of why Argentina is such a great place to explore newly developing opportunities for trade and investment.

Argentina’s history of adaptation, recovery and resilience is testament to its people’s ability to see and grasp opportunity – and this, combined with their most recent economic challenges, means that there is a need to renew infrastructure in transport, energy and public services generally, improve manufacturing efficiency, strengthen supply chains, develop new consumer technology, training, education and healthcare. The list goes as far as entrepreneurs are willing to go!

“Argentina is a great place to explore newly developing opportunities for trade and investment and the UK has so much to offer”


The UK has so much to offer, from financial services to biotech apps to road infrastructure systems or retail and … going back to what I know best – let’s not forget that Common Law supports enterprise and that breaking free from some of the EU detailed regulations may well provide opportunities of its own.

So while in Buenos Aires, our team will be talking to our local partners, to governmental, diplomatic and financial institutions and to a variety of industry representatives.

We will be back with some tangible ideas of what we can achieve together – as well as hopefully, a few bottles of Malbec. And with our unique blend of commercial, legal and strategic advice, we will be ready to support start ups and SMEs willing to embrace such an exciting opportunity to grow!






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