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Sculptures – the art gift that feels ‘useful’

… exploring why it seems easier to give a sculpture than a painting…

Ever since we opened nearly 5 years ago, our stunning yet affordable sculptures have been a major hit with absolutely everyone. I can certainly see the attraction, but have nevertheless wondered what captured the attention of so many different types of people. Not that I am stereotyping or anything, but after a few years spent in a local art gallery, matching art with buyers, I have acquired some sense of who is likely to be drawn to what. That’s my job and this is why we do so many art consultations (read more here).

Our sculptures, however, seem to be attractive across the board, to a variety of people and for a multitude of occasions. Grand-parents buying for teenagers, wedding anniversary gifts, friends’ engagements, thank you presents for teachers, couples’ tokens of love and families’ peace offerings.

Their most obvious advantage is that they are incredibly affordable, ranging between £30 and £70 for the most part.

Our cast iron sculptures illustrate a variety of life situations, hobbies and messages, from parenthood, friendship and love, to golf, cycling, reading and running – and everything in between including skateboarding and BMX-ing. So they clearly say “I saw this and I thought of you”.


I also wonder whether a sculpture’s three-dimensional nature makes it more palpable and therefore tangible as a gift or a treat. As a result, paradoxically, there is almost an element of functionality to a decorative sculpture. Their solidity gives them an air of usefulness, which perhaps reassure those not usually that interested in art.

Cast iron is also ultimately simple in its appearance and feel. Iron represents durability (and is the material of choice for 6th wedding anniversaries!), it  is sustainable and it lends itself to clean lines, which work well in a contemporary interior or a more traditional home decor.

The designs of our cast iron sculptures were originally by Danya B, American designer whose work is now emulated throughout the world. Ours come from a small company based in Southampton, who source them ethically.

To see the full range of our cast iron sculptures click here.







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