Frédérique Katan

Frédérique founded KATAN, previously known as Bailey Contemporary Arts. KATAN is her family name and means “small” in Hebrew. Frédérique was always fascinated by the Jewish philosophical concept of “Olam Katan”, or “Small World” which views every being, every little piece of our world, as a small scale representation of the whole universe. Just like Olam Katan, each piece of art is a human scale representation of the wider world, filtered and interpreted through the artist’s own vision.

This informs Frédérique’s belief that although the commercial process of selling art should remain respectful of the artist, it should not be an excuse for making art inaccessible and unaffordable.

Frédérique is a lawyer by trade, a qualified psychotherapist, she has dabbled in survivalism and trained in silversmithing.

She also paints large scale, bold statement pieces that are skilful and inspiring, yet match your decor. Whether painting or creating pyro-engraved wood pieces and jewellery, Frédérique’s work is certainly inspired by the coastal environment where she was brought up in southern France and her now adoptive home in Brighton, but allows for the imagination to wander freely.

Frédérique takes commissions and offers free consultations at your home or office to discuss your requirements.

Art for all spaces

Alongside Frédérique’s realistically priced abstract art pieces, jewellery and pyro-engraving, KATAN also source art from local, pre-emerging and emerging artists – the perfect choice for investors, impulse buyers and interior designers alike. KATAN’s ethos is that everyone should have access to meaningful and beautiful art – and because we, at KATAN, combine our knowledge of emerging art with a business head, we can guide you towards the best choice.

The KATAN team are able to offer advice and guidance in the relaxed, convivial and inspiring atmosphere of our stunning Brighton seafront gallery, a pebble’s throw from the iconic West Pier, facing the sea.

They also understand the needs of businesses and can efficiently cooperate with them and provide a bespoke service.

With this ethos in mind, Frédérique established the “Art Means Business” award scheme, which is run annually, linking businesses, artists and art lovers, allowing emerging artists to achieve recognition whilst helping art enthusiasts to find hidden artistic gems.

Whether you are looking to buy for work, for love or as an investment, whether you are an art novice, an interior design or art professional, or a private collector, our gallery’s art collection is constantly evolving, embracing all genres and techniques, making KATAN an inspiring gallery space to visit or browse online.

Art to match your style

We are not just another art gallery.

We believe that art can be meaningful and still match your decor. The KATAN team have several years of experience of matching art with your home or office and we know that it can be difficult to visualise whether art that you love will also work in your space.

We also believe that art should be affordable, enhance your state of mind, convey an emotion between creator and purchaser and of course, match your interior!

At KATAN you really can have it all and our “try on site” is especially conceived to show just that.

We support new and emerging artists, working across all media, which makes our pieces attractive to collectors and investors, but also means we truly have something for everyone.

We can come to your house, free of charge, and help you curate the art you need to make it your home. Or you can book a free consultation at our beautiful gallery space on Brighton seafront. And if neither is feasible, we can help you virtually: send us images of your room or wall and we will do the rest.

This is available for art novices, collectors, and art or design professionals alike, whether looking for an investment, a bit of colour for corporate premises or a new piece to match your interior.

I have just realised that by now, practically every room in my house has paintings from your gallery. Joe Gatford, Pascale de la Carbouade and Lois O’Hara in the lounge, your beautiful abstract over my bed and even some of Chris Greaves’ pop culture prints in my son’s bedroom!



Frederique, the painting we commissioned from you for our extension is perfect. You are so clever. The colours work perfectly and we now have the ocean with us all day.


Kemp Town

Here is a photograph of the beautiful watercolour you helped us choose for our new flat. I am so glad you suggested that the grey and lilac tones would work well with our yellow wall, I would have picked a yellow painting and it would have been “a bit much”. Thank you!