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Why Katan?

Allan Hancock and Frederique Katan founded KATAN with the idea of supporting the legal and commercial resilience of small, ethical businesses.
KATAN is indeed Frederique’s family name, but we chose it because of its meaning…
Katan is Hebrew for “small” and we love the principle of Jewish philosophy Olam Katan (Hebrew עולם קטן “Small World”)  whereby each smaller entity mirrors the larger one that encompasses it – and  the central notion that each human being is a microcosm mirroring the whole world.
We believe in the idea of global citizenship and aim to promote it by encouraging trade through borders in a respectful, ethical and sustainable way.

Frédérique Katan

Frederique has been a UK based Solicitor for over 20 years and was also an “Avocat” with the Paris Bar for much of that time. She specialises in the drafting and review of all commercial contracts, from sole traders to large corporations, domestic or international. She is trained in conflict resolution, advises on cooperative solutions to conflicts and always privileges collaboration over litigation.

Over the years, she has worked for the most prestigious construction and engineering law firms in Paris and London, has been involved in Human Rights projects in Latin America and Senegal and has headed the European legal department of a major engineering company in London.

She has been involved in business strategy at all levels, from the day to day running of micro-enterprises to international board level, including the creation and management of her own successful art gallery in Brighton, UK.

She now combines her skills and acumen for the benefit of start-ups and SMEs in the process of developing their trade, ensuring both their legal resilience and their commercial sustainability. She can work in English, French and Spanish and her international experience means that she can support businesses in all their multinational endeavours.

Frederique also has a special interest in social and environmental impact economy and is always keen to assist businesses and corporations who aim to balance purpose and profit.

Allan Hancock

Allan has spent the last 30 years in the banking industry, working for large corporate entities and lately for a smaller, not for profit bank.

A Social Science graduate from University of Sussex, Allan is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about social policies, to include housing, health, education and employment.

Throughout his career, he also trained in business administration, financial compliance and  services, risk assessment, production and team management. Allan holds qualifications in psychological counselling.

Allan has been involved in all aspects of business management and development, from customer care to credit control, sales and marketing, commercial and financial growth, but his interests were always in managing relationships, creating connections and devising ways to make the world of banking more inclusive and ethical.

Above all, Allan is a collaborative team leader and a charismatic figure who influences through empathy and kindness.